How to make the perfect Michelada

How to make the perfect Michelada

When was the last time you hosted a carne asada at home and got stuck making Micheladas from scratch for all the guests. 

Here at ILM we believe making delicious Micheladas should be easy, so we created a mix that does the work for you.  Making Miches at home has never been easier 



4 oz I Love Micheladas RED Mix 

12 oz Ice Cold Lager Beer 

Chili-lime powder or Chamoy for rimming (optional)



Rim a cold glass with Chamoy or chili lime powder 

Pour 4oz of I Love Micheladas RED mix into the glass

Top off with 12 oz of ice cold lager beer.  

To change things up, feel free to switch the lager for a mango beer or your favorite Lime seltzer. 


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