Bro, May I Please Borrow Your Netflix/Disney+/HBO Max/Hulu/Amazon Prime Password?

Bro, May I Please Borrow Your Netflix/Disney+/HBO Max/Hulu/Amazon Prime Password?

Is it just us or does it feel like every time we’re in the middle of watching a new series …. 10 new ones pop up on the dozens and dozens of streaming services available? What happened to the simple days of just watching network television shows like Sabado Gigante, Mujer Casos De La Vida Real, Jenny Jones and Full House!? With the massive amount of choices, it’s practically impossible nowadays to watch and keep up with all the content that's being produced!! (If you know of someone who has watched “everything,” invite them to your next gathering because they need to start socializing again.)

So in order to ease your mind a bit from FOMO (fear of missing out), we will now feature 5 shows on a weekly basis that the I Love Micheladas team is currently watching and enjoying. Some shows might not be extremely recent but that is what we’re currently watching. This week we focused on content from Netflix (None of them are kid friendly. Sorry about that kids!) As the weeks go by, we will try our best to include content from all available streaming services and for all ages. So please bear with us, familia!

Before you sit down and hit play on any of our picks for this week, go grab yourself a good beer and mix it with any of our delicious I Love Micheladas mixes to put you in the right mindset. Please know that our picks for this week are all worthy of being considered for your viewing experience.

If you want us to feature a specific show/series, or you disagree with our taste for whatever reason… feel free to reach out and let us know! We won’t get mad. We promise we won’t show up at your place either to try to prove you wrong. You may contact us at or DM us at @ilovemicheladas.

We hope you have the Hot Cheetos and popcorn ready! You will need it.


1. “WHO KILLED SARA?” (2 Seasons available on Netflix)
Rated: TV-MA (Drama, Thriller)
Anytime you think you’re a chingón/chingona because you think you've solved the mystery, you’re T-boned and sent into another direction!

2. “BEHIND HER EYES” (1 Season Mini Series available on Netflix)
Rated: TV-MA (Thriller)
You'll be at the edge of your seat throughout the entire mini series. Once it’s over you will be SHOOK for like the next few weeks! Definitely check this one out!

3. “LUIS MIGUEL: THE SERIES” (2 Seasons available on Netflix)
Rated: TV-MA (Drama)
If you grew up listening to hits like “La Incondicional”, “Cuando Calienta El Sol”, “No Sé Tú” and “Somos Novios”…… you’re going to enjoy getting a glimpse into the struggles and controversies Luis Miguel has faced throughout his career. The series does a great job at taking you back to the 80's and 90's.

4. “HALSTON” (1 Season Mini Series available on Netflix)
Rated: TV-MA (Drama)
If you’re into fashion and you want a mini series that will be a roller coaster from beginning to end, this is a must watch!

5. “ELITE”(4 Seasons available on Netflix)
Rated: TV-MA (Drama, Thriller)
If you want to see a “Rebelde” type series filmed in Spain, this is the show for you. Don’t let the lingo from Spain keep you from enjoying an intriguing story line. (Have Google translate nearby! LOL)


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