MICHE MIX OF THE WEEK: The One With The Los Bukis VS. Marco Antonio Solís Sing-Off

MICHE MIX OF THE WEEK: The One With The Los Bukis VS. Marco Antonio Solís Sing-Off

Happy Monday, familia! It’s a brand new week and September is just a few days away…. that only means that it’s yet another opportunity to go out there and make things happen for yourself! Don’t let anything hold you back.

So after 25 years of being separated, Los Bukis were back together on stage this past weekend in Inglewood, California at the brand new SoFi Stadium! (They were actually the first latin artist to play at this brand new venue!) We really hope that you had the opportunity to experience it because it was MAGICAL and PRICELESS! Marco Antonio Solís was up on stage serving late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s greatness and we were all feeling the vibes. He hasn’t aged at all and his voice is immaculate. In the words of all mothers who are the toughest musical critics on planet earth: “Este si es un cancante de verdad.”

It was very nostalgic to be able to sing along (with over 70,000 people of all ages) to all those songs that we all grew up listening to. There wasn’t a weekend of cleaning, a family carne asada or a drive to the market that didn’t involve Los Bukis serving as much needed background music.

There was no doubt that our MICHE MIX OF THE WEEK had to focus on the songs of Los Bukis that were given life once again this past weekend. There is no Los Bukis without Marco Antonio Solís and there’s no Marco Antonio Solís without Los Bukis. For that reason, we present to you our very first VS. sing-off playlist. Hits from Los Bukis go “head to head” with songs from Marco Antonio Solís’ solo career. This created the perfect playlist for fans of this musical LEGEND.

This 70 song playlist has las canciones viejitas, the ones everyone knows, and some of the recent ones. It’s a great set of songs that perfectly showcase the essence of this musical genius and a band that will forever live in our hearts. If you didn’t get a chance to experience their music live this past weekend, relax because this playlist is the next best thing!

Make sure that whenever you’re listening to Marco Antonio Solís and Los Bukis….. that you have some “I Love Micheladas” mixes close by. You can pick up some Red and OG Brown mixes from your local latino supermarket or you can buy some online at our website at www.ILoveMicheladas.com. (We have many different sizes!) Then you just pair your favorite mix with your favorite beer or sparkling water. It’s easy and delicious!

(A very special shout out to the two sets of winners of our Los Bukis concert tickets giveaway! We hope you had an amazing time.)

¡Arriba Los Bukis! ¡Arriba Marco Antonio Solís! ¡Y que viva la música!

Y como dice Marco Antonio Solís: ¡DILOOOOOOOOOO!!




1. “Falso Amor” by Los Bukis

2. “Donde Estará Mi Primavera” by Marco Antonio Solís

3. “Presiento Que Voy A Llorar” by Los Bukis

4. “Si No Te Hubieras Ido” by Marco Antonio Solís

5. “Y Ahora Te Vas” by Los Bukis

6. “Invéntame” by Marco Antonio Solís

7. “Yo Te Necesito” by Los Bukis

8. "Yo Creía Que Si" by Marco Antonio Solís

9. "Navidad Sin Tí" by Los Bukis

10. "¿A Dónde Vamos A Parar?” by Marco Antonio Solís

11. "El Celoso" by Los Bukis

12. "Amor En Silencio" by Marco Antonio Solís

13. "Acepto Mi Derrota" by Los Bukis

14. "Antes De Que Te Vayas" by Marco Antonio Solís

15. "A Aquella" by Los Bukis

16. "Casas De Cartón" by Marco Antonio Solís

17. "Como Fui A Enamorarme De Ti" by Los Bukis

18. "Pero Te Vas A Arrepentir" by Marco Antonio Solís (feat. Los Yonic’s)

19. "Como Me Haces Falta" by Los Bukis

20. "El Peor De Mis Fracasos" by Marco Antonio Solís

21. "Dime Dónde Y Cuándo" by Los Bukis

22. "El Perdedor" by Marco Antonio Solís (feat. Enrique Iglesias)

23. "¿A Dónde Vas?" by Los Bukis

24. “La Pareja Ideal" by Marco Antonio Solís (feat. Marisela)

25. "A Dónde Vayas" by Los Bukis

26. "La Venia Bendita” by Marco Antonio Solís

27. "Ladrón De Buena Suerte" by Los Bukis

28. "Más Que Tu Amigo" by Marco Antonio Solís

29. "Me Volví A Acordar De Ti" by Los Bukis

30. "Mi Eterno Amor Secreto” by Marco Antonio Solís

31. "Mi Fantasía" by Los Bukis

32. "No Puedo Olvidarla" by Marco Antonio Solís

33. "Mi Mayor Necesidad" by Los Bukis

34. "O Me Voy O Te Vas" by Marco Antonio Solís

35. "Morenita” by Los Bukis

36. "Pirekua Michoacana" by Marco Antonio Solís

37. "Necesita De Ti" by Los Bukis

38. "Qué Pena Me Das" by Marco Antonio Solís

39. "Necesito Una Compañera" by Los Bukis

40. "Quien Se Enamoró" by Marco Antonio Solís

41. "Porque Siempre Te Amare” by Los Bukis

42. "Recuerdos, Tristeza Y Soledad” by Marco Antonio Solís

43. "Qué Lástima" by Los Bukis

44. "Se Va Muriendo Mi Alma" by Marco Antonio Solís

45. "Quiéreme” by Los Bukis

46. "Si Me Puedo Quedar” by Marco Antonio Solís

47. "Será Mejor Que Te Vayas" by Los Bukis

48. "Si Te Pudiera Mentir” by Marco Antonio Solís

49. "Si Me Recuerdas" by Los Bukis

50. "Sigue Sin Mí" by Marco Antonio Solís

51. "Sí Vieras Cuanto" by Los Bukis

52. "Sin Lado Izquierdo" by Marco Antonio Solís

53. "Te Esperaré" by Los Bukis

54. "Tu Compañero" by Marco Antonio Solís

55. "Ya No Te Vayas" by Los Bukis

56. "Se Veía Venir" by Marco Antonio Solís

57. "Viva El Amor" by Los Bukis

58. "Tú Me Vuelves Loco" by Marco Antonio Solís

59. "Tu Cárcel" by Los Bukis

60. "Cuando Te Acuerdes De Mi" by Marco Antonio Solís

61. "Te Tuve Y Te Perdí” by Los Bukis

62. “O Soy, O Fui” by Marco Antonio Solís

63. “Tus Mentiras” by Los Bukis

64. "Tu Amor O Tu Desprecio" by Marco Antonio Solís

65. "Chiquilla Bonita" by Los Bukis

66. "Desde Que Te Perdi" by Marco Antonio Solís

67. "No Me Arrepiento" by Los Bukis

68. "Mi Ultimo Adiós" by Marco Antonio Solís

69. “Si Tu Quisieras" by Los Bukis

70. "Te Amo Mamá" by Marco Antonio Solís & Los Bukis


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