It’s Friday and that only means that we are ready to make use of our streaming services this entire weekend! This reminds me that I need to stop doing all these “free 30-day trials” because then I forget to cancel them. Next thing I know I’m a legit subscriber and I have no choice but to just keep it going since I’ve already been charged. Then I tell myself to might as well just use it since I already paid for the entire month, right? Then one additional month becomes two and the rest is a tricky downward spiral. Does this happen to anyone else? Anybody? Ok… I guess I’m the only one. Shame on me.

Moving on……. the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are coming to an end this weekend, so that only means that you’re going to need recommendations. The list of the shows we are watching for this week is very eclectic. The shows are all very random, but like always worth mentioning. You could never go wrong with some comedy, some reality tv show drama, or even some crime solving.

But first, it has come to our attention that some very important studies show that drinking a michelada made with our very own “I Love Micheladas” mix improves any tv watching experience by 100%. Don’t ask us who made the study. Just know it was very smart and important people. So might as well listen to the experts and have some “I Love Micheladas” mixes nearby at all times. All you need to do is grab a cup, pour our mix and combine it with your favorite beer or sparkling water. Yes, our products are available at many latino grocery stores and online by visiting Go ahead and have it ready before you begin watching any of our recommendations.

Okay now grab your drink. Grab the snacks. Get comfy. Silence your cellphone. Tell everyone around you to be quiet. And just hit play.




1. “TED LASSO” (2 Seasons available on Apple TV+)

Rated: TV-MA (Comedy)

This is the kind of show that when described to someone else, it just doesn’t work. This show doesn’t work on paper either. It’s the type of show that needs to be experienced to fully grasp and understand it. Once you give it a shot, you’ll be hooked. This series basically follows a coach that lacks experience in a certain sport but proves to all that being optimistic and kind is far more important. Nothing we say on here is going to convince you to watch, so just go watch it right now! Just BELIEVE us!


2. “BETTER CALL SAUL” (4 Seasons available on Netflix, 5th Season Coming 2022)

Rated: TV-MA (Crime TV Show)

If you watched all 5 seasons of “Breaking Bad” and loved it, you must watch this prequel. Even if you didn’t get a chance to watch the original show, you can still fully enjoy this one. There is just something very special about seeing an attorney become a criminal lawyer in a very complicated world. The people behind the show did a spectacular job at ensuring every scene was carefully crafted and necessary to move the plot along. This show is very underrated and should be given more attention. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it! 2 more seasons are coming our away, we just don’t know exactly when.


3. “NEVER HAVE I EVER” (2 Seasons available on Netflix)

Rated: TV-14 (Comedy, Drama)

Mindy Kaling’s new hit show follows an Indian-American teen as she tries her best to survive high school in Boston after a traumatic life-changing incident. She was actually inspired by her own life experiences as a young adult to develop and create the show! It’s a great cast and an awesome storyline. You can’t help but root for the main character, Devi!


4. “CRIME SCENE KITCHEN” (1 Season available on Hulu or

Rated: TV-PG (Reality, Cooking & Food)

This competition show combines the worlds of baking and crime solving as teams try their best to decipher clues to figure out what they need to bake. Using clues such as crumbs and ingredients left behind in the test kitchen, they must replicate the dessert that was created before their arrival. Joel McHale is the host and his unnecessary commentary makes the show work. If you like to see people stress out as they bake delicious looking cakes and sweets before time runs out (in order to not get eliminated)… this show is for you.


5. “BIG BROTHER” (Season 23 available on Paramount+, As Well As All Other Seasons)

Rated: TV-14 (Reality TV)

Does anybody still watch Big Brother? People must be watching since a new season started a few weeks ago. This show is like when you happen to drive next to a car crash…. you know you shouldn’t be looking, but you just can’t stop yourself from doing so. There’s just something addicting from witnessing deceit, backstabbing, fake alliances, twists and blindsight after blindsight as strangers compete for that $500K grand prize. Season 23 hasn’t disappointed when it comes to entertainment value. As Julie Chen always says, “Expect the unexpected!”


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