Cheer up, people! It’s finally Friday and it’s officially National Hispanic Heritage month! That only means that we have an extremely valid excuse to celebrate for an entire month. It doesn’t matter if you’re Hispanic or not…… or if you don’t even speak Spanish …… or if you don’t know much about the culture……. what DOES matter is taking the time to celebrate and honor the triumphs and achievements accomplished by Hispanics in the United States of America. It must be made clear that our people (whether we are fully accepted or not) are NEEDED in this country.

A much special shout out to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica who celebrated their Independence Day on September 15. A special shout out to México for celebrating its Independence Day on September 16! ¡VIVA MÉXICO! We can’t forget about Chile who will also be celebrating its Independence Day on September 18! ¡Saludos a todos!

The great thing about streaming services is that now Hispanics have a bigger space in the entertainment industry to share our stories. Those stories that are often left untold and unheard. Now more than ever, more content by Spanish speakers for Spanish (and non-Spanish) speakers are being created, produced and shared. We are living in such an amazing time!

This week our recommendations include 4 shows and 1 film that are great choices for the festivities taking place for the next 4 weeks. It was impossible to not mention the film included in this list because it's a family-friendly must watch! This week’s list contains shows that feature comedy, drama, thrill and music. 

Before you sit down to start enjoying the shows we are watching this week……we recommend having a michelada made with our world-famous “I Love Micheladas” mixes. The preparation process is so simple that even a blind monkey could do it. (We didn’t mean to disrespect the blind monkey community. Please forgive us. We love and respect you.) Basically all you have to do to prepare yourself a tasty michelada is: shake the “I Love Micheladas” bottle, grab a cup, prepare the rim (with chamoy, lemon and/or Tajín), pour our mix and combine it with your favorite beer or sparkling water. Our choices are our Red Mix, which is the perfect amount of spice and tomato goodness, and our OG Brown Mix ,which is perfect for those who like spiciness. (Yes, we even have a VEGAN mix available for all you wonderful vegans out there!)

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For the record, I do have friends. Don’t get fooled by the dramatic and over-the-top title used. There’s no need to flood our mail with sympathy cards. I do have a lot of subscriptions to streaming services though. Help!!!

Ok. Now let’s get to the best part of this blog. Here are our recommendations for this week!



1. “CORAZÓN CONTENTO” (1 Season available on Amazon Prime)

Rated:TV-13+ (Comedy)

This comedy that follows 3 different Mexican families is hands down hilarious. This show revolves around their eating habits and obesity. Okay. Okay. We know it’s a touchy subject for many, but this show has a lot of heart. It does a great job at bringing light to such an important topic affecting many, but in a humorous way. It reminds us about the importance of family and making wise choices. 


2. “CÓMO SOBREVIVIR SOLTERO” (1 Season available on Amazon Prime)

Rated:TV-16+ (Comedy)

It’s impossible to not keep watching this show after watching the first episode! This show gives a glimpse into the life of a young man who proposes to his girlfriend after being together for 10 years. Sounds romantic, right? WRONG! It’s definitely not romantic when he finds out she was cheating on him. ¡¡¡Que pase la desgraciada!!!



Rated:TV-PG (Comedy)

There is nothing better than witnessing a strong, smart and determined teenager who wants to work for NASA and just happens to be Latina. This show follows her journey involving her move across the country to live with her uncle to fulfill her goals. It’s a funny and really great storyline! This show should NOT have been cancelled after 3 seasons. 


4. “SOMEONE HAS TO DIE (ALGUIEN TIENE QUE MORIR)” (1 Season available on Netflix)

Rated:TV-MA (Limited Series/Drama/Thriller)

This thriller takes place in Spain in the 1950s and it showcases how a family does whatever it takes to ensure everyone thinks their family is perfect. It features a son who returns home after studying in México for 10 years. He is unaware that his family has arranged his marriage with someone he doesn’t love and will NEVER love. The actors and the sets make this limited series priceless. Expect the unexpected with this storyline! This should have been a series with many seasons!  


5. “VIVO” (A FILM available on Netflix)

Rated:PG (Animated Musical/Comedy)

WHY WAS THIS MOVIE NOT FEATURED IN THEATERS!!!???? My niece introduced me to this film and it’s such a spectacular story that should be viewed by everyone! The story centers around a monkey and his owner who enjoy playing music in the streets of Cuba. Just watch it! Make sure you have some tissue around just in case your eyes automatically start becoming fountains of water. I couldn’t get enough of the music, the Latino talent, the animation, the story line, and the lessons learned from it. The film reminded us about the importance of friendship, family, love, life and memories. Gloria Estefan and Lin-Manuel Miranda better get awards for their talent displayed all over this film!


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