Happy Friday!!! There are only 9 Fridays left in the year 2021. Make sure you enjoy them to the fullest since they will pass you by faster than an angry mother running after her misbehaved child. It’s true, next thing you know it’s going to be New Year’s Eve. I still don’t understand how we find ourselves in the month of November already. Why does it feel like time is moving faster than usual!!???

Whether we like it or not, we are in the middle of autumn now. The weather is getting a bit more chilly so it’s the perfect time to grab your cozy San Marcos cobijas (you know, the ones with the animals such as a lion, a cheetah, Bambi’s mom or a horse), your favorite hoodie and a michelada (it’s never too cold for a michelada) to enjoy some good television. If you’re overwhelmed by the many options available on all your current streaming services, we are here to assist. This week our recommendations include 3 dramas, a thriller and a docuseries that will keep you hooked way past this weekend. 

I know most people think that drinking warm things such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate is the thing to do when it’s getting cold outside…. well they’ re all WRONG! A cold michelada is the perfect drink during this season because it will keep you feeling nice and chill. With that idea in mind, we recommend having a michelada made with our world-famous “I Love Micheladas” mixes. We have our OG Brown Mix which is a bit more on the spicy side, as well as our Red Mix that provides the perfect balance between a tomato and spicy taste profile. The best thing about our mixes is that it saves you time and having to spend more money on extra ingredients. All you have to do is shake our “I Love Micheladas” bottle, grab a cup, prepare the rim (with chamoy, lemon and/or Tajín), pour our mix and combine it with your favorite beer or sparkling water.

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It’s now time to get warm, gather the family and friends (or not) and start watching all these shows that are worthy of our viewing. Now we present to you our recommendations for this week!




1. “DARK DESIRE” (1 Season available on Netflix)

Rated:TV-MA (Drama/Thriller)

This series will capture your attention from the very first episode. It’s a thriller that involves a married woman who goes away for the weekend to celebrate with her friend. This little trip changes her life forever once she realizes it causes a tragedy and even puts her marriage on the line. There is even a love triangle involving a daughter and a mother. ¡Ay Dios mio! Don’t even act like this isn’t the type of crazy family drama you enjoy watching. 


2.“JENNI RIVERA: MARIPOSA DE BARRIO – LA SERIE” (1 Season available on Netflix)

Rated:TV-MA (Drama)

This novela type series is perfect for all Jenni Rivera fans since it will make you appreciate even more the legacy of the Mexican-American superstar that left us too soon. This series is an emotional rollercoaster since it gives us a glimpse into the struggles that Jenni overcame throughout her life. Intense situations ranging from being a pregnant teen which suicidal thoughts, living in a garage, overcoming domestic abuse and being cheated on numerous times. Even if you’re not a fan or if you don’t know much about Jenni… watching this series is entertaining and it reminds us about how being famous isn’t always just riches and glamour. 


3. “THE MOVIES THAT MADE US” (3 Seasons available on Netflix)

Rated:TV-MA (Docuseries)

If you’re a fan of the film industry, this is a must watch! It’s basically a docuseries that focuses on an epic movie from the past on each episode. You will get a behind the scenes look on how it was made, commentary from the actors and directors and information that hadn’t been shared until now. The movies honored in this docuseries include Home Alone, Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, Forrest Gump, Back To The Future, Coming To America and Friday The 13th. This docuseries will help you appreciate your favorite movies even more. 


4. “PEAKY BLINDERS” (5 Seasons available on Netflix)

Rated:TV-MA (Drama/Crime Series)

This series which takes place in England in the early 1920s is one of the best crime related tv shows ever made! It showcases the rivalry between gangs after WW1 during a period that was extremely chaotic since power was up for grabs. It is centered around a family who is the prime example of how hard work pays off regardless of what it takes to make it happen. The first few episodes might be a little tough to get through but once you get a hang of the characters, storylines and vibe of the show… you instantly become addicted. The backgrounds, music and actors make this series one of a kind. It’s also important to note that everyone is extremely good looking in this series…. so you have nothing to lose by giving it a chance.


5. “ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING” (1 Season available on Hulu)

Rated:TV-MA (Drama/Mystery/Comedy)

You know any show that involves Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez is bound to be a hit! This series proves that statement to be a fact. This show focuses on 3 strangers who are obsessed with solving murder mysteries without knowing that they’re in the middle of one. Witnessing the things that they have to go through to solve this real-life mystery is extremely entertaining. The dark humor will have you laughing out loud (the real LOL, not the fake LOL that you sometimes find yourself being obligated to type back for no reason.) Go watch it!


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