Wouldn’t it be amazing if every day of the week felt like it was a Friday? Fridays just have a special energy that is difficult to describe. It’s basically that last push to finish off the work week that is filled with sheer happiness knowing that the next 2 days involve a much needed break. We know and understand that this only applies to those that work Monday through Friday…. but we do hope everyone has a day during the week that feels like their very own Friday. It varies for everyone. Everyone deserves their very own version of a Friday in their life though! 

With that said, make sure you relax this weekend (or whenever you’re off during the week) because recharging is paramount and necessary. If you don’t have any plans, we have suggestions that involve your streaming services! Since you’re already paying for them, might as well use them. If you don’t have any streaming services, we suggest reaching out to that one rich tía addicted to television to get her passwords!!! (If you’re a tía who felt attacked and was offended by our previous sentence…. we apologize in advance.) This week we are watching a diverse group of shows ranging from action, drama, crime, comedy, reality and even a docuseries. Like always, all of the shows mentioned are entertaining and deserve our attention.

Before we start diving into our recommendations though, make sure your viewing experience involves hydrating yourself with a savory michelada made with our “I Love Micheladas” mixes. If you’ve never made a michelada before…. we got you! There’s no need to go get an expensive Mixology Certification to be able to treat yourself to a homemade michelada. All you need to do is grab a cup, pour our mix and combine it with your favorite beer or sparkling water. (Yes, those who don’t drink beer love mixing it with sparkling water and it's delicious!) Then you can add chamoy, limón and Tajín to make it even better.

Just in case you've been living under a rock, our products are available at many latino grocery stores and online by visiting www.ILoveMicheladas.com. So there’s absolutely no excuse to not have our mixes in your pantry, refrigerator, work breakroom, under your desk in that special cabinet for tough days, fanny pack and/or any type of survival kit. 

Now that you know what you should be drinking while streaming… let’s get to what we’re all here for: our recommendations for this week!




1. “SECRETS OF THE WHALES” (1 Season available on Disney+)

Rated:TV-PG (Docuseries / Animals & Nature)

This National Geographic and Disney+ Original docuseries is a must watch if you’re a fan of the ocean. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean or the Arctic Ocean that you like best. If you like oceans and whales…. this one is for you. Sigourney Weaver narrates the epic journey of a group of orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals and sperm whales as they do their best to just exist. It was filmed throughout 3 years and in 24 different parts of the world. It’s incredible to see how whales and humans share very similar traits and behaviors. This is definitely a series that the entire family can sit down and enjoy. 


2. “LOVE IS BLIND: AFTER THE ALTAR” (1 Season available on Netflix)

Rated:TV-MA (Competition Reality TV)

If you didn’t watch “Love Is Blind” during quarantine last year…. you missed out on an addicting drama filled reality tv show! It’s not too late to catch up though. It’s basically an experiment involving a group of men and women looking for love without being able to see who they’re interacting with. So it’s like blind dating (literally) but they’re stuck in a pod and all they have is their sense of hearing to find the true love of their life. After many sessions with multiple people, couples are formed based on their picks and then they finally see who they chose! After a resort vacation, some couples make it to the altar and some do not! 

This show is the update on all the participants. The drama and awkwardness is intense. So make sure to watch “Love Is Blind” first and then “Love is Blind: After The Altar.” Please let us know if you still hate the same individuals after watching this update of the initial season.


3. “BIG SKY” (1 Season available on Hulu and on ABC.com)

Rated:TV-14 (Drama, Crime)

This show isn’t receiving the attention that it deserves! It’s a drama that involves a small town, women detectives, kidnapping, a love triangle and a maniac who still lives with his mother. If that doesn’t convince you to watch this incredible show… not too sure what else to tell you. Once you watch the first episode, there’s no way you’re not moving on to the next one.


4. “MODERN LOVE” (2 Seasons available on Amazon Prime)

Rated:16+ (Drama, Comedy)

This show, inspired by The New York Times‘s popular “Modern Love” column, explores all the ways in which love is felt and expressed in recent times. Each episode is a short story reenacting stories that involve love and the way it affects our lives. It shows the good and the bad side of it. There’s 2 seasons but nothing compares to the first season. The first season is a masterpiece. The second season is different and not as impressive as the first, but it has a lot of actors that we know!


5. “LOKI” (1 Season available on Disney+)

Rated:TV-14 (Science Fiction/Fantasy/Super Hero/Action)

If you’re into anything dealing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, watching Loki is a given. It’s 6 intense episodes involving Thor's adopted brother and the God of Mischief. Its storyline is based after the events from the movie “Avengers: Endgame” from 2019. Even if you don’t know anything about Marvel, you will be entertained. If you’re a fan of villains, spectacular music and time traveling... this one is for you.


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