Homemade Chamoy Recipe From Aaron Melendrez

Homemade Chamoy Recipe From Aaron Melendrez

Thanks to everyone who tuned into our IG Live last week where Aaron Melendrez, AKA @requiemforadrink, prepared homemade chamoy. If you don't know what chamoy is, it's a spicy and savory fruit paste condiment that encapsulates the flavors of Mexico. We heard your requests for the recipe and here it is! 

2 cups dried Mangos 
2 cups dried  apricots 
14 1g Tamarindo pulp removed from shell (you don’t have to remove seeds)
3.5  cups brown sugar 
6 Anchos chiles (stemmed and seeded)
6 Chile de arbol (stemmed and seeded)
1 Chipotle chile in adobo sauce (2 oz)
¼ cup Apple cider vinegar
⅛ cup smoked paprika 
¼ cup salt (add more to taste once all ingredients are combined

Spice blend

3 Cloves
3 star anise 
2 all spice berries  
Spice grinder/ molcajete 
Grind till very fine 
Step 1
Hydrate mangos and apricots overnight in water 
Step 2
Prepare agua
6 oz Jamaica
Shelled tamarind 
4.5 cups of water 
tamarindo/ jamaica water 
Bring to a boil, let simmer for 25 minutes
Water should get extremely concentrated
-strain off all solids and seeds and add water back to pot
Step 3
Toast dried chili’s in pan 
Step 4
Bring chiles, mango and fruit to a boil  in of the tamarindo/ jamaica water 
Let simmer for 20 minutes so they can become soft and hydrated
Step 5
Lightly toast spice blend 
Step 6
Spice blend in molcajete or spice grinder until close to powder .
Step 7
Add poached mangos, apricot, chiles in blender 
Apple cider vinegar 
Brown Sugar 
Ground spice blend 
1 lime zest (don’t grind too hard, focus on getting green skin)
1.5 cups of tamarindo/Jamaica agua but add more if you want your chamoy thinner consistency)
Start blending on low for a minute 

You can adjust sweetness by adding more sugar  
If you like it a little more tart add the juice and the lime you zested
Blend for another 15 seconds after every adjustment
Let cool in the refrigerator for 1.5 hours
Good for 30 days

Enjoy and be sure to rim your cup with chamoy before making your #michelada!


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