The weekend is finally here and we’re all excited about having a few days to refresh! Make sure that you take some time to really recharge and be ready for the next coming work week. RELAX. You deserve it!

Just in case you weren’t aware, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan actually start today! We know the COVID-19 situation is scary out there, but we should still cheer on our athletes. All of them. They’ve been preparing for this moment their entire lives, especially during the last 4-5 years now. We really do hope that they’re able compete while remaining safe and healthy. We want to wish the best of luck to all the athletes, especially TEAM USA. If you’re not tuning in to watch the Olympics though (we are not judging at all)… we have some tv show recommendations for you then! 

We’ve noticed that we recently haven't been watching brand new content! Not sure why to be quite frank. So this week we selected shows that we continue to watch over and over. Some of these picks are educational, while others are just entertaining and hilarious. All are timeless. 

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Okay. You have your drink ready and now you’re ready to be entertained. All of the shows selected this week can assist with distracting and relaxing you. Please let us know if you’ve seen any of these already and if you would recommend them. Enjoy!


1. “DOWN TO EARTH WITH ZAC EFRON” (1 Season available on Netflix. 2nd Season COMING 2022)

Rated: TV-PG (Documentary, Lifestyle)

This documentary is so good! It follows the actor Zac Efron, along with wellness expert Darin Olien, as they travel around the world focusing on different topics affecting our planet. It definitely inspires one to fully live life while protecting our environment. Everyone should take the time to watch and reflect on the teachings from this documentary.


2. “SCHITT’S CREEK” (6 Seasons available on Netflix)

Rated: TV-MA (Comedy)

This hilarious series follows the not-so-rich Rose family as they lose everything they own and they find themselves in a small town that lacks pretty much everything. Lacking everything except for heart and very nice people that is! This show is a must watch for all. It's not our fault if you find yourself saying "Ew, Daviiiiid!" for everything after watching it. (Moira Rose, the mother, will elevate your vocabulary with her peculiar but funny choice of words!)


3. “SUPERSTORE” (6 Seasons available on Hulu)

Rated: TV-14 (Comedy)

This series takes place in a mega store that’s filled with odd but hilarious employees. The first season will have you confused, but don’t stop watching. We promise that the show gets better! Once you get to know the characters, you will fall in love with them and will not want the episodes to ever end. This show was cancelled after the 6th season, but it could've kept going for a few more.


 4. “EUPHORIA” (1 Season & 2 Special Episodes available on HBO Max)

Rated: TV-MA (Drama)

This series explores the lives of a group of high school friends as they navigate through the various pressures that teens currently face. The story line will keep you on your toes as you get consumed by each new episode. The second season is coming our way real soon! 


 5. “RAMY” (2 Seasons available on Hulu)

Rated: TV-MA (Comedy)

This funny show follows a first generation Egyptian-American in New Jersey as he juggles the pressures of life ensuring he is staying true to his millennial generation, while not betraying his culture. Anyone who grew up being bicultural can relate to the situations in this series!


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