We bought a VW Bus!

Beautiful, right? '69 VW

Already at the shop

When we were little, and still lived in Mexico, every morning our routine was the same. Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, then head to the corner and wait for the Combi.

The VW Combi was our bus to and from school. Maybe that's why it stuck with me for so long?

Last year at the Street Food Fair, I was manning the Michelada booth when my friend Alex from LA Taco came by. While talking about how kick-ass the next Taco Madness event would be, we started talking about how we could incorporate Micheladas in a creative way into the event.

Before I realized it, the words came out of my mouth...

Well, hey, why don't we just make a Michelada truck? Something cool!

And that's where the seed was planted for this project. And i couldn't think of a cooler car to use than my familiar Combi...the quintessential Mexican commuter.

Something like this...

And this is the concept that eventually come out of that conversation.

The first thing is the flip open top. on this is the 50" TV and two 15" 2-way powered speakers

Inside were putting in two Audio-Technica turn tables

And to top it off, on the main event: 4 beer taps on the outside.

I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we can get into with this beast. As of right now, we have all the essential pieces ready to make all of the necessary measurements to make the first cut. But rest assured we'll keep you updated on our progress. After all, what's a Michelada/DJ booth without people to share it with?